Saturday, March 28, 2015

Do I Have Perfect Pitch?

If I'm going to dedicate a blog to the subject of perfect pitch, I might as well address  this question early on. Do I have perfect pitch?

Well, yes and no. I can clearly hear differences between different notes, but I cant identify them very well. In past ear training attempts, I could identify nearly two octaves of notes on my keyboard. But, due to my lack of training in recent months, that ability has drifted off. 

Having perfect pitch is not like a light switch, where some people have it off and others have it on. Its a range of hearing levels that differ for everyone. Some people may only be able to identify notes on their primary instruments, while others can sing any note of their choosing at any time. 

Relative pitch is much the same way. Some people have a very good relative pitch and can write down a very complicated melody, while others may only be able to point out a perfect fifth or fourth. It is all relative pitch, but some are better at it than others.

This is really important to note when exploring the world of perfect pitch, because you are probably going to hear conflicting testimonies about it. Some people may hear a pitch in every noise that they hear, while others need an instrument to be played to hear it. No one person with perfect pitch has the "true" experience with it. Admittedly, this does damage my credibility, but it also encourages me to encounter a variety of people with the ability and see what the common traits are.

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