Saturday, April 11, 2015 on Absolute Pitch

The other day, I stumbled across an interesting page on, that discusses perfect pitch. Here is a few things that the author had to say:
Can perfect pitch be learned? Does one have to be born with this 'gift'? While it may be true that some people exhibit this ability from an early age, I firmly believe that one does not have to be 'born with' this ability.
       Consider this - we acknowledge that a small number of musicians do have perfect pitch. We therefore acknowledge that there must be some kind of intrinsic difference between each of the twelve tones in the chromatic scale. Quite simply, if this intrinsic difference was not there, then perfect pitch would not be possible. Those with perfect pitch must be hearing some kind of quality in each tone. Do they have computer-like brains which subconsiously count the number of vibrations per second, or do they have open ears which can pick up subtle diffferences in quality between the twelve tones?
 Though the page was made in late 2003 (and it is currently 2015), it is quite promising to find someone else who has developed a level of perfect pitch as an adult.

The author also discusses a few perfect pitch training programs that I have yet to hear of. I will be sure to check these out in the next few weeks and report my thoughts on them.

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